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Awaken your body. Awaken your mind. Awaken your soul. The Conscious Method offers a holistic approach to health & wellness, with an emphasis on mind-body connection, alignment & mindful movement.  You can experience this through our conscious classes, workshops, coaching, retreats & more. All classes are safe and challenging for all levels.

“There’s a method to my madness.”

Jaclyn Winters is the creator and founder of The Conscious Method. Jaclyn has been teaching for almost 15 years. She is certified in Yoga, Barre and Pilates, and is also a certified Nutritionist and wellness coach.

Her love for her clients inspired her to create a method that is safe, yet challenging and results-driven. Her goal is to help people re-connect and fall in love with their bodies again.

Her heavy focus on alignment and mind-body connection helps create a work-in that radiates out. Her unique method will help you burn more calories, and keep you safe and present as you move. This is experienced through her breath techniques, cueing, hands-on or virtual adjustments, seamless choreography and musicality. Try out a class today or contact Jaclyn for more options!


Conscious Class Types

Since we know everyone awakens differently, choose the style that aligns with you.

Conscious Barre

A mix of ballet barre fitness, Pilates and Yoga. An hour long, full body workout. Emphasis on alignment & isometric movement make it safe & challenging for all levels.

Conscious Yoga

Mix of vinyasa, power & deep stretching with a strong emphasis on breath & staying present. Designed to deepen our connection to, and awaken, our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. All levels.

Mat Pilates

Experience all the key benefits of Pilates, such as, core strength, postural alignment, increase muscle endurance and strength, breath control, improve flexibility, and more! You will experience the perfect balance of challenge with ease of movement, while deepening your mind-body connection.

Conscious Cardio

Interval style, cardio class. It combines yoga, dance, strength & kundalini inspired movement & breath. Designed to release energy quickly & strengthen cardiovascular health.

Strong emphasis on breath, alignment and mind-body connection helps us awaken to the present moment, and keeps us safe as we move.
We are in this together! Find motivation and inspiration through each other. We always spend the first 5 minutes connecting before we begin our practice.
We follow a certain beat per minute to keep us present and safe. We like to sweat and move to the rhythm and beat of the music, from the latest and greatest artists and bands.
Proper alignment is always our first priority! This will help us connect, and create results quickly while feeling our absolutely best during and after class.


Here's What to Expect

“Jaclyn is hands down the best instructor I have ever followed. She has transformed my life and my body. I am the best and happiest I have ever been, physically and mentally. Her practice is the only thing that has tones my body. Even on virtual sessions, Jaclyn takes the time to teach the proper technique. She cares about everyone in her class and corrects you to ensure proper form. Her cues are concise and easy to understand. Her practice is the perfect mix: healing your mind, exercising your body and feeding your soul. She has unknowingly taught me to love myself again. The Conscious Method has taught me to push my body past fatigue, force myself through discomfort and accept myself wholly. It is a mindset, therapy, meditation all in one. My heart feels happy, my body feels happy. I smile even when my legs want to give out. Trust me, you need The Conscious Method.”
“I’ve been taking Jaclyn's classes for years.  She is, by far, the best instructor I have ever had. Her extensive knowledge of how the human body works produces fast and lasting results that tone your body. She explains how to do each of her exercises correctly, and most importantly, in a safe manner. It’s amazing how doing small, micro movements during her workouts exhausts your muscles and allows you to burn more calories during the day. The wonderful thing about these classes is that whether you are new to her techniques or a long-time veteran, you get a great workout every time.  Her classes are always different, and she utilizes different muscles groups to get better results. I always feel great after completing her classes, and would highly recommend Jaclyn to anyone who enjoys a fun, safe workout routine.”
“This goes out to those of you who love high intensity/fitness yoga, ie. sculpt, barre; but encounter yoga-related injuries, you can achieve a pain and injury free practice through . I got into hot yoga, 26&2, to work through a moderate to severe condition in my L3-L5 vertebrae caused by an accumulated sports related injuries. In less than an year and 200+ 26&2 sessions, my back was fully recovered. I started taking because of her micropulsing technique and focus on proper isometric alignment. I learned how to keep my body safe while taking my practice to the next level. I feel confident taking any yoga class without fear of soreness or injury. Learning the technique allows you to isolate and activate muscle groups in a way that deliver progress and results.  As your mind-body connection deepens you'll be able to quickly and confidently connect and practice even with your eyes closed. Regardless of your level and commitment I recommend The Conscious Method and Jaclyn Winters to those who enjoy pain an injury free yoga practice that delivers results.”
“The Conscious Method has been so transformative not just for the way I feel physically but also mentally and emotionally. I love the emphasis placed on listening and connecting to your body. Jaclyn reminds us to push our ego and negative thoughts away and she knows exactly when to cue it! I’ve never stuck to a fitness routine, but The Conscious Method makes it unto do so because every class, whether it’s barre, movement or yoga, has a different sequence - she keeps us on our toes! I look forward to class every day!”
“I admired her professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of body work. Jaclyn is both beauty (inside and out) and brains. She would provide education and an explanation behind all movements. She was keen on posture and placement of each position. She taught me to be still, and to breathe into each movement, and make it purposeful, because "right now, it’s just you, and you're on your mat..." you show up for you and the rest of the world melts away.
“On November 19, 2019, I was badly hit by an unaware driver in a car as I was crossing the middle of my neighborhood street  In an instant, my life changed. I had serious injuries including multiple neck and spinal herniations. I was told by a spine specialist that I would never be able to run again. I knew Jaclyn could help me over time to recover. She would demonstrate each movement and she modified movements and focused them around my injuries. She would research in between classes to come up with a plan for our next sessions. Additionally, she offered specialty courses partnering with other instructors for things such as Breathwork to calm the mind and body. I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my strength, flexibility and balance. Also, my pain levels have gone down tremendously. I’ve been able to advance into more difficult yoga poses, I’m able to stand, walk upright and sit properly for longer periods. I'm truly grateful for Jaclyn and The Conscious Method. Amanda J. Wagner

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