Conscious Coaching:

This program is individualized based upon your needs and goals. Together, we will navigate what practices best work for you to keep you in your optimal health, Wellness and fitness level, and keep you feeling amazing, inside out!
What To expect
We will start the program with an assessment of your goals. I want you to think big here! Whatever it is you want to manifest in your life, whether that be weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, improved energy, an overall sense of well-being, new job, new relationship, etc. Seriously, whatever you heart desires! Once we have assessed your goals, we will work closely together to develop a plan catered for YOU! 

Again, this coaching program is unique because it is catered to YOU! Your needs, preferences, lifestyle will all be accounted for so you can have the best, long-term adherence with your program. Another unique aspect are all the tools you will be given to help you along the way. Jaclyn's expertise in nutrition, yoga, meditation, energy work, Pilates, fitness, barre and more will be at your disposal whenever needed!

You’ll receive…
1x per week Zoom Check In Meet once per week via Zoom to check-in and to see what tools, guidance or add-ons are needed to help you stay on track. Once you have attained your goal, we add another goal or keep up with maintenance when/if needed. 
Nutrition Assessment: You’ll be provided a full assessment based upon your age, weight, lifestyle. We'll calculate your macro + micro nutrient suggestions to have you feeling your best.
Individualized Guidance and Support: Jaclyn is here every step of the way. Every person is unique and not one size fits all. Jaclyn will be your biggest cheerleader along your journey. Helping you navigate all the peaks and valleys along the way.
Who's ready to awaken to their highest self?
** Everything shared will be strictly confidential
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1 Check-In
Unlimited access
4 Check-Ins
Unlimited access
12 Total Sessions
Unlimited access
24 Total Sessions
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